Payouts - 100% is paid out!

Number of entries X $3.00 = $ We have 116 entries! We have not confirmed all pools.

Total in First Chance Pool = $
Total in Second Chance Pool - $
Total in Third Chance pool - $
Last Place bracket - $


1st place 55% = $ AWESOME
2nd place 20% = $ FANTASTIC
3rd place 15% = $ NEATO MOSQUITO
4th place 6% = $ COOL BEANS
5th place 4% = $ Well it could have been worse...


3rd Chance Loser Pool

Other Notes

Tie breaker in all Pools is total points in Final Game

Results on the web are current to the end of the tourney, If you find a error or I have added incorrectly or figured something wrong let me know.

Thanks for entering the Pool See you next year!!!

P.S. Please be patient on your winnings I am still collecting, Thanks Josh

See you Next Year ! ! ! Go Hawkeyes !