Money for the pool can be given to:

  1. Josh Sevcik (Main plant)
  2. Nick Ramstead (Rockwell building 130)
  3. Ryan Tew (Rockwell building 130)
  4. Thomas Worsfold
  5. Sent to the Payment Address (See below)
  6. Sent VIA Google Wallet (See below)
  7. Sent VIA Venmo (See below)
  8. Sent VIA $Cash App (See below)
  9. Sent VIA PayPal (See below)
  10. Email for special deliveries

I am not responsible for lost entries or missing money.

Payment Address

Pool Money can be sent to:

Josh Sevcik

5210 East Road SW

Cedar Rapids IA. 52404

All Mail Entries must be postmarked by Thursday the 21st or risk the flush scenario.

Google Wallet

Pool Money can be sent to:


Pool Money can be sent to:


$Cash App

Pool Money can be sent to:



I understand it can be easier to send money over PayPal however, if done wrong, PayPal nickels and dimes the payment. So the $3 entry fee becomes $2.70. I am volunteering my time with this pool but I do not want to volunteer my pocket book.

In order to send entry fees over PayPal, use the send money feature and select the personal option. Money must come from PayPal balance or Bank Account in order avoid PayPal's additional fees. Before sending your payment, please make sure that your payment meets the required($3 per pool) fee for the pool entry. Instructions for PayPal can be found here.

Send me an Email( with "Pool Payment" in title and list the brackets you are paying for in the email.