Pool Deadline

Pools must be entered on line by noon Thursday March 16th. Money must be en-route to me or risk flush scenario. Please don't make us track you down :)




Pool Cost: $3 for 3 pools(1st Chance, 2nd Chance and 3rd Chance)! Does not mean multiple 1st Chance Pools. All different chances to win. Check out the payout page.

1st Chance Pool: 64 Teams

2nd Chance Pool: Sweet 16

3rd Chance Pool: Final Four

Which means come back to the site and fill out your 2nd Chance pool and your 3rd Chance pool.

You may enter as many pools as you want for $3 each.


For payout information, visit the payouts page here.

All the money is paid out and last place gets their money back!


Points are awarded as follows:

1 point per correct pick in round 1

2 points per correct pick in round 2

4 points per correct pick in round 3

8 points per correct pick in round 4

10 points per correct pick in round 5

12 points for picking the champion

If, at the end, two or more brackets are tied, the total points in the championship game will be used as a tiebreaker. In the unlikely event there is still a tie, pick percentage will be used to determine the winner. If somehow there is still a tie, the pot will be split because I can't think of anything else.

*Covid Note: If for some reason covid cancellations happen where the rest or the entire tournament is cancelled happen we will be returning all money up until the playing of the round of 32 is set. Once the Sweet 16 is complete the payouts will switch to first chance payouts in event of an entire tournament cancellation. With the pots from 2nd chance and 3rd chance going into the first chance if they aren't played.

*Once the 2nd chance will go in after 2 rounds are played.

*The 3rd chance will go in after the championship is played.

Website Information

The website will be updated periodically with current standings. The time and date of the last udpate will be displayed on every page. Although we built the website with all major browsers in mind, we recomend that you use the latest versions of Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

About Us

We are always looking for ways to improve the site so email me and let me know. I need your help letting people know the pool is up and running so share it with your friends. Special thanks to the satlites, and anyone that help collect money!

Special thanks to Nick Ramstead, Ryan Tew and Ben Sevcik for helping out with the site this year. You guys helped make it what it is.

Questions, concerns, bugs on the site, Email

That's all there is GOOD LUCK and may the bounce be with you!!!!!!

Updated April 4th, 2023

Special Thanks

Everyone below helped out in some way!

Nick Ramstead - Programming

Ryan Tew - Programming

Thomas Worsfold - Satellite

Jason Lampe - Score Updater

Ben Sevcik - Programming

Melissa Hain - Quality

So if you see these peeps around be sure to thank them for helping out and give them a pat on the back.