2023 Winners!!! on April 5th, 2023

Total in First Chance Pool = $220
Total in Second Chance Pool - $100
Total in Third Chance pool - $25
Last Place bracket - $3

1st place 55% = $121.00 AWESOME - Al Langland 2
2nd place 20% = $44.00 FANTASTIC - Al Langland 1
3rd place 15% = $33.00 NEATO MOSQUITO - dennystrumpfer (135-124=11)
4th place 6% = $13.20 COOL BEANS - Matthews 1st - 1(148-135 =13)
5th place 4% = $8.80 Well it could have been worse... - Ethan B 2

1st place $50.00 - Worsfold Nathan #2(136-135 = 1)
2nd Place $25.00 - Hambone(144-135 = 9)
3rd Place $15.00 - Shalyn Kinney(137-135 = 2)
4th Place $10.00 - Tim Langland 1(135-131=4)

3rd Chance Loser Pool
1st Place $25.00 - Tim Langland 2(136-135=1)

Tie Break:135

Last Place bracket - $3 - 3 way tie for last but worst tie breaker RAWHIDE

I am still confirming and will be reaching out to the winners shortly.
Please let me know if you notice a mistake.
Everyone else thank you for getting in this year!!

Thanks Josh!

by jmsevcik

3rd Chance is open! on March 27th, 2023


3rd Chance is open!

by jmsevcik

2nd Chance Open on March 21st, 2023

2nd Chance is Open!

by jmsevcik

Down goes Kansas! on March 18th, 2023

Another one seed bites the dust...

7 People had that one picked....


Nunges Knee is healing up well... on March 18th, 2023

by playerpicks

Wow Purdont on March 18th, 2023

by playerpicks

March Equals Madness!! on March 13th, 2023

Its that time of the year again. Time for buzzer beaters, Cinderellas, and bracket breakers. Yep its March Madness and its the big dance.
So here's the breakdown 3 dollars gets you 3 pools. That's the first chance, second chance and for all you go getters a 3rd chance loser pool.
You will need to be logged in first before you can begin entering your brackets.
May the bounce ever be in your favor!

by playerpicks

It is Selection Sunday! on March 13th, 2023


Get ready for one of the most exciting times of the year - March Madness! With so many teams vying for the championship title, it can be tough to predict who will come out on top. Do not wait until the last minute, start gathering your March Madness picks now and get ready to witness some of the most intense basketball action of the year. Who will make it to the Final Four? Who will be crowned the champion? Fill out your bracket and may the bounce ever be in your favor!

by playerpicks